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EURO-BASIN is the European branch of the International BASIN Program (Basin-scale A nalysis, Synthesis & INtegration) focussing on climate and human forcing, ecosystem impact and consequences for living resources management in the North Atlantic.

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Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013EURO-BASIN Theme Session at ICES Annual Science Conference 2015 (Copenhagen 21-25 Sept 2015) will focus on results and experiences from any pan-Atlantic initiatives.

Presentation proposals are sought on (1) biological carbon pump, (2) key species and (3) trophic pathways, (4) living resources (5) basin-scale modelling.
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Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013Worry over fish discards ban on wildlife and fish stock

Research co-funded by FP7 EURO-BASIN and UK's NERC Ocean Acidification program suggests that ban on fishermen throwing away healthy fish could harm wildlife and fail to improve fish stocks. (Nature Communications 13 May 2014, doi:10.1038/ncomms4893).

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Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013Ocean’s carbon budget balanced:

Ocean scientists have, for the first time successfully balanced the supply of food to mid-water organisms with their demands for this food (Nature 2014, doi:10.1038/nature13123).

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Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013In May 2013, the Norwegian research vessel G.O. Sars crossed the Atlantic from Nuuk, Greenland to Bergen, Norway to study the carbon cycle in the North Atlantic as part of the EURO-BASIN Cruise Campaign 2012-2013.

Watch the video diary or visit the multi-media Cruise Blog

EU-US Joint ProgrammesFRONTIERS series of journals now includes Frontiers in Marine Science. The particpation of EURO-BASIN principle Investigators in the editorial process offers an opportunity to consolidate the Atlantic Ecosystem research community..

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EU-US Joint ProgrammesAtlantic Ocean Research Alliance meeting in EU Parliament invites EURO-BASIN to contribute to discussions on future implementation of joint EU-US research initiatives in the North Atlantic.

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EU-US Joint ProgrammesA favourable climate for BASIN and EURO-BASIN objectives:
EU, US and Canada sign an Atlantic Ocean research alliance
just two weeks after the EC published its Atlantic Action Plan to boost Atlantic states economies and placing priority on Ecosystem-Approach to Managing marine resources.

Summary of recent developments on the politica agenda ...

EURO-BASIN Cruise Timeline Cruise Campaign 2013 steams ahead:
With two EU and one Canadian Trans-Atlantic transects complete, the RRS James Cook arrives on station at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain to study marine snow and ecosystem structure and function in the Twilight Zone.

Follow "Down to the Twilight" Cruise Blog 1-18 June 2013

EU-US Joint ProgrammesWorkshop Summary: Good Environmental Status (GES) for pelagic ecosystems
FP7 EURO-BAISN, FP7 MyFISH and IndiSEAS will co-organise a joint workshop on definition and performance of MSFD Good Env. Sataus indicators and future modelling scenarios.

Highlights of the workshop

News of relevance to North Atlantic Management & Governance:

EU-US Joint ProgrammesJRC and NOAA enhance cooperation on climate, weather, oceans and coasts. An agreement has been signed in May 2012 to facilitate scientific and cooperative activities in the fields of climate data records, space weather, tsunami modelling and fisheries research.

Training, exchanges of personnel, shared use of the scientific infrastructure, support for joint research, access to laboratory facilities, timely exchange of information and the promotion of the relevant calls for grants or proposals are some of the activities included in the agreement.

Link: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/index.cfm?id=....
News Release: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/jrc/downloads/jrc_120531...

EURO-BASIN Cruise Timeline EURO-BASIN takes part in the LISBON ATLANTIC CONFERENCE, at the Round Table on Research & Development of Global Ocean Processes.

The Lisbon Atlantic Conference aims at generating a public discussion encompassing the Member-States Governance, in the context of the European Union Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean Area. Full details

Participation in the FORUM takes place two months after EURO-BASIN invited members of the EC, NSF, NOAA and SEAS-ERA to discuss realistic funding mechanisms for supporting large regional research programmes, and trans-atlantic collaboration in the Ocean Sciences. Full details

EURO-BASIN Training ProgrammeFostering International Collaborations with US & Canada in Ocean Sciences. Full meeting report and presentations from the 14th September workshop organised by EURO-BASIN and the EC towards a common funding strategy for solving regional issues on ocean sciences.
The workshop was attended by NSF, NOAA, DFO-Canada & EC Directorate representatives. Summary & more information ...




EURO-BASIN Theme Session at ICES ASC 2015

Proposal welcome
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Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013Worry over fish discards ban on wildlife & stocks.
BBC News interviews with EURO-BASIN researcher, Mike Heath

Video Diary for EURO-BASIN Cruise G.O.Sars 2013

Watch the G.O. Sars Transatlantic Cruise video diary or visit the multi-media Cruise Blog


EURO-BASIN II: A favourable political climate for BASIN and EURO-BASIN continued research as EU, US and Canada sign Atlantic Ocean research alliance more...


Project Partners:

Research WorkPackages (WP) & Focus:

WP Focus Leader
WP1 Data Integration Un. Bremen
WP2 Carbon Pump NOC;CNRS-UBO
WP3 Key Species IMR;Un. Nordland
WP4 Trophic Flow HAFRO;Un.Swansea
WP5 Living Resources IFREMER; DTU
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling PML;CNRS-UBO
WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling PML;UEA;IRD
WP8 Ocean Management DTU;Un. Hamburg

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