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EURO-BASIN will organise and co-fund three short training workshops, and two biennnual summer schools between 2010-2014. Details and elligibility below. Sign up for email alerts for application deadlines.


EURO-BASIN Training Workshop on
Optical Methods in Plankton Taxonomy

- Objectives - Lecturers - Programme - Application & Criteria -

Dates & Venue: 10-13 September 2012; Hamburg , Germany
Organisers: Klas Moeller (VPR expert, U. Hamburg), Sunnje Basedow (LOPC expert, Un. Nordland)
Deadline for application: extended to 1 AUG 2012


  • Share expertise on the optical sampling methods that are currently employed during Euro-BASIN field campaigns (i.e. Video Plankton Recorder & Laser Optical Plankton Counter).

  • Develop best practices guidline for the application of optical sampling methods such as the Video Plankton Recorder & Laser Optical Plankton Counter.

This workshop has a “hands-on“ focus with special attention given to datasets previously collected during EURO-BASIN cruise programs as provided by the participants. Furthermore, the workshop will provide the opportunity to intercalibrate LOPC and VPR datasets as well as develop sampling strategies for the Trans-Atlantic cruises in 2013.

Lecturers: Cabell Davis (WHOI), Meng Zhou (UMASS), Pierre Tillier (Seascan Inc), Dave Checkley (tbc), Sünnje Basedow (Uni Nordland) and Klas Ove Möller (UHAM)

Preliminary Programme:

Day 1:
09:00h Joint opening session on both methods. Welcome, introduction to the workshop schedule & goals by Sünnje Basedow and Klas Möller

10:00h Coffee Break

10:20h Keynote Lecture by Meng Zhou with following discussion (title tba)

12:30h Lunch Break

14:00h Split into instrument specific groups and short introduction by each participant of their dataset

15:40h Coffee Break

16:00h Beginning of dataset analysis and hands-on training

17:30h End of Day1

19:00h Icebreaker

Day 2:
08:30h Keynote Lecture by Cabell Davis followed by group discussion (title tba)

10:00h Coffee Break

10:20h Ongoing group discussion on the key note topic

12:30h Lunch Break

14:00h Continue Data analysis

15:40h Coffee Break

16:00h Continue Data Analysis

18:00h End of Day2

19:00h Workshop Dinner

Day 3:
08:30h Keynote Lecture by Dave Checkley followed by group discussion (title tba)

10:00h Coffee Break

10:20h Ongoing group discussion on keynote topic

12:30h Lunch Break

14:00h Continue Data analysis 15:30h Coffee Break

16:00h Continue Data Analysis

18:00h End of Day3

Day 4:
08:30h Keynote Lecture by Pierre Tillier followed by group discussion (title tba)

10:00h Coffee Break

10:20h Ongoing group discussion on keynote topic

12:30h Lunch Break

14:00h Breakout groups come together and synthesis of LOPC and VPR data

15:30h Coffee Break

16:00h Presentation of dataset analysis

18:00h End of Workshop

NOTE: Depending on the available time the potential exists for an intercalibration study as both instruments will be available.

Selection criteria:The Workshop has space for a maximum of 18 participants (9 for VPR and LOPC). There are no fees for attending the workshop however, travel and living expenses are to be covered by participants (EURO-BASIN participants can use their EURO-BASIN funds to cover cost of attendance).

Priority to EURO-BASIN Contributors to WP2, WP3 and WP4 (but open to all BASIN-related projects & North American participants). Maximum 16 participants. No workshop fees, but travel and living expenses covered by participants (selected EURO-BASIN participants can use the projects funds for attendance). Interested applicants should email to (subject: EURO-BASIN OpTax Training Workshop + YOUR NAME) with SINGLE PDF including a CV and max. of 250 words on the following points:

(1) Relevant experience to the course programme (short paragraph) ;
(2) Current involvement in the BASIN/EURO-BASIN programs with reference to Tasks or research teams involved (short paragraph) ;
(3) How could the training facilitate the specific research tasks you are involved in (short paragraph)?

Deadline: 1 Aug 2012

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