18 Months Project Meeting
22-24 May 2012 (PML, Plymouth)

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EURO-BASIN Cruise Timeline

Agenda & Venue (download) :

Day 1:
09:00-17:00 Progress per WorkPackage (download presentations below)

Overview of project progress by M. St John

WP1 Data Integration - Stephane Pesant, UniHB, Germany
WP2 Biological Carbon Pump - Adrian Martin, NOC, UK
WP3 Key Species and Ecosystem Types - Guillem Chust, AZTI, Spain
WP4 Trophic flow: Production & Control - Torkel Nielsen, DTU, Denmark
WP5 Living Resources Dynamics & Utilisation - Verena Trenkel, IFREMER, France
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling - Icarus Allen, PML, UK
WP7 Bio-economic Modelling - Manuel Barange, PML, UK
WP8 Advancing Ocean Management Mike St John, DTU, Denmark
WP8.1 Economic impact of change in the NA carbon cycle - Gorka Merino, PML, UK
WP8.2 Pelagic vs demersal fishing strategies in the North Sea - Mike Heath, Strathclyde, UK
WP8.3 Artificial neural network approach to Integrated Ecosystem Assessments - Artur Palacz, DTU

Day 2:
09:00-12:00 Breakout Sessions per WP1-4, Chairs: WP leads
R. Lampitt (NERC-NOC): PAP Cruise 2013, Invitation to express interest before 30 June '12

13:30 - 18:00 Science Presentations & Discussion

C. De La Rocha (UBO): Not all calcite ballast is created equal. Confidential (contact authors):

Calgar Yumruktepe (IMS-METU): Carbon export algorithm advancement in models

Sari Giering (NOC): Fast and slow sinking fluxes at the onset of the North Atlantic spring bloom - preliminary data from FS METEOR ‘Deep Convection’ Cruise M87/1 Confidential (contact author)

Marja Koski (DTU-AQUA): The effect of large vs. small copepods on flux attenuation - preliminary results from FS METEOR ‘Deep Convection’ Cruise M87/1 Confidential (contact author)

Claudia Castellani (SAHFOS): Zooplankton distribution of key taxa in relation to environmental factors and ecological traits, with a focus on the planktonic copepod C. finmarchicus”

Klas Moeller (UHAM): Vertical distribution patterns of plankton and particles in the North Atlantic - preliminary VPR results from FS METEOR ‘Deep Convection’ Cruise" Confidential (contact author)

Sunnje Basedow (UNordland): Distribution of Calanus and production estimates of the mesozooplankton community in the North Atlantic - preliminary results from the cruise in the N.Atlantic Confidential (contact author)

Pennie Lindeque: Plasticity and vital rates: recent experiments at Disko Bay, Greenland. Confidential (contact author)

Eva Friis Moller: Temperature dependent grazing of Calanus

Aditee Mitra: Bridging the gap between marine biogeochemical and fisheries sciences; configuring the zooplankton link Confidential (contact author)

Day 3:
09:00-12:00 Breakout Sessions per WP5-8, Chairs: WP leads

13:30-18:00 Science Presentations & Discussion

FP7 GREENSEAS potential collaborations:
John Bruun GreenSeas ‘Atlantic Plankton’ Research

Geir Huse: Interactions between fish in the Norwegian Sea ecosystem
John Pinnegar: Blue whiting diet and modelling
Verena Trenkel: Progress on understanding blue whiting stock dynamics (Confidential,contact author)
Patrizio Mariani: Migration modelling
Harritz Arrizabalaga: Dynamics of predation by albacore and bluefin tunas in NE. Atlantic
Patrick Lehodey: Albacore migration modelling

James Harle (NOC): High relsolution 1/12 hindcast model (Confidential, contact author)
Patrick Lehodey (CLS): Mid-Trophic Levels modelling
Chris Lindemann: Deep Convection (Confidential, contact author)

Gorka Merino: Economic loss of sub-optima fisheries
Jose Fernandes Distribution and production of key fish stocks
Christian Mullon: Bio-economic model of fish commodities

Evening: Scientific Steering Committee Meeting: one co-lead per WP required!

Venue: PML for meetings, MBA for lunch (see map below, download map.pdf)


Eva Friis Møller Aarhus Un.
Guillem Chust AZTI
Haritz Arrizabalaga AZTI
Patrick Lehodey CLS
Mike St. John DTU-Aqua
Artur Palacz DTU-Aqua
Chris Lindemann DTU-Aqua
Patrizio Mariani DTU-Aqua
Torkel G Nielsen DTU-Aqua
Marja Koski DTU-Aqua
Ivo Grigorov DTU-Aqua
Sigrun Jonasdottir, DTU-Aqua
Hjálmar Hátún FAMRI
Inga Kristiansen FAMRI
Antonio Bode IEO
Verena Trenkel IFREMER
Linda Holste IHF, Hamburg Un.
Klas Möller IHF, Hamburg Un.
Geir Huse IMR
Valeria Ibello IMS-METU
Veli Caglar Yumruktepe IMS-METU
Baris salihoglu IMS-METU
Christian Mullon IRD
Richard Bellerby NIVA
Adrian Martin NOC
Tom Anderson NOC
Richard Lampitt NOC
James Harle NOC
Sari Giering NOC
Jason Holt NOC
Icarus Allen PML
Pennie Lindeque PML
Rachel Harmer PML
Momme Butenschon PML
Gorka Merino PML
Claudia Castellani SAHFOS
Priscilla Licandro SAHFOS
Aditee Mitra Swansea Un.
Kevin Flynn Swansea Un.
Laurent Mémery UBO
Christina De La Rocha UBO
Jose Fernandes UEA
Bettina Walter UHAM
Mike Heath Un Strathclyde
Douglas Speirs Un Strathclyde
Galice Hoarau Un. Nordland
Sunnje Basedow Un. Nordland


A favourable political climate for BASIN and EURO-BASIN continued research as EU, US and Canada sign Atlantic Ocean research alliance more...

Project Partners:

Research WorkPackages (WP) & Focus:

WP Focus Leader
WP1 Data Integration Un. Bremen
WP2 Carbon Pump NOC;CNRS-UBO
WP3 Key Species IMR;Un. Nordland
WP4 Trophic Flow HAFRO;Un.Swansea
WP5 Living Resources IFREMER; DTU
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling PML;CNRS-UBO
WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling PML;UEA;IRD
WP8 Ocean Management DTU;Un. Hamburg

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