EURO-BASIN Annual Meeting 2013
22-24 Oct 2013 (Istanbul)

- Venue & Accomodation - Agenda - Presentations - Attendees -

The 2013 Annual Meeting will take place 22-24 October, at the The Green Park Taksim, Istanbul. The workshop will be structured around themes that span trophic chain from biogeochemistry to bio-economics, and sessions co-chaired by European (EU) and North American (NA) investigators.

The scope of the workshop will be to:

- showcase EURO-BASIN Cruise Campaigns 2013;
- workflow between WorkPackages;
- preparation for Month 36 EC reporting (Jan 2014).

Agenda (draft form):

Agenda Draft (Suggestions welcome)

Day 1:

AM: Cruise Program Highlights
Chair: Mike St John

09:00-09:15   Introductions & Project Outlook – Mike St John
09:15-09:45   PAP Cruise Summary - Richard Lampitt / Adrian Martin (NOC)
09:45-10:15   Transatlantic RV M. Merian Summary – tbc

coffee break

10:30-11:00   Transatlantic RV G.O. Sars Summary – Webjoern Melle (IMR)
11:00-11:30   B. Sæmundsson Summary – Astthor Gislasson (MRI HAFRO)
11:30-11:45   Cruise Data transfer to PANGAEA - Janine Felden
11:45-12:15   Discussion & Any Short Scientific Presentations:
- specific input to existing tasks/deliverables;
- any short presentations

12:15-13:30 Lunch

PM: Brief Status per Partner
Chair: Mike St John

- How do all the pieces fit into the puzzle? Overview by Mike St John
- Progress report (max 7-10 min per partner) focused on:
1) cool science
2) HOW is it relevance to specific tasks AND deliverables;

Shortlist of issues relevant to Day 2


Day 2: Links across WPs

AM: Joint Workshop (WP2-6) on Model Synthesis (Milestone 40)
Chair: Icarus Allen (WP6), PML

09:00-10:30   (15 min per WP) WP 2-5 Leads present relevant input to WP6 (data/parameterisation), and clarify expected model output from WP6


10:45-12:15   (90 min) Specific focus on workflow problem areas

12:15-13:30 Lunch

Joint workshop WP5/WP6 "defining key forecast scenarios for top down control" (Milestone49)
Chair: Verena Trenkel (WP5) & Icarus Allen (WP6)

NB: WP2-4 are expected to be represented here, but there is an opportunity for WP2-4 to address Cruise Programme 2013 publications, data archiving, result synthesis in a parallel session.

20:00 Steering Committee Meeting (venue tbc)

Day 3: Links across WPs (cont.)
AM: WP6 specific input to WP7 and WP8
NB: ALL participants are expected to assist in this session !!!

- Special Issue Publications: ESSD / Progress in Oceanography / Cruise Publications
- EC Scientific and Financial Reporting for Dec 2013: Workflow & Responsibilities

(NB: Reporting Period 2 elapses 31 Dec 2013, report will be due 60 days later)

15:30 Close Meeting


Cruise Campaign 2013:
Porcupine Abyssal Plain 2013, by Adrian Martin
Transatlantic transect on M. Merian 2013, by Klas Ove Moller
Iceland Cruise, by Astthor Gislason
Transatlantic transect on G.O.Sars 2013, by Webjoern Melle

WP1 Data Integration: by Janine Felden

WP2 Biological C Pump:
Cruise Campaigns and Mesocosms, by Adrian Martin (NOC)
Biogechemistry, by Richard Bellerby (UniResearch)
BGC and modelling, by Valeria Ibello (IMS-METU)

WP3 Key Species:
Predator-prey interactions, by Webjoern Melle (IMR)
Habitat Modelling, by Guillem Chust (AZTI)
Zooplankton distribution & CPR, by P. Licandro (SAHFOS)
Genetic Markers, by Sunnje Basedow (UiN)

WP4 Trophic Flow:

Temperature effect on Calanus, by Eva Friis Moller (AU)

WP5 Living Resources:
Spatial structure of small pelagic fish, by Verena Trenkel (IFREMER)
Estimates of Top-down pressure by fish, by Brian MacKenzie (DTU Aqua)
Blue Whiting Modelling, by John Pinnegar (CEFAS)
Stock biomass in pre-assessment periods, by Jan Horbowy (MIR)

WP6 Basin-scale modelling:
NEMO-PISCES 1/4 degree modelling, by C. Stegert (CNRS)
BGC and modelling, by Valeria Ibello (IMS-METU)

WP7 Bio-economic Modelling:
Bio-economic modelling of fish commodities, by Christian Mullon (IRD)
Dynamic bioclimate envelop model, by Jose Fernandes (PML)

WP8 Ocean Management:
WP5-WP8 Links, by Dougie Speirs (Un. Strathclyde)


Registered attendees HERE


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Project Partners:

Research WorkPackages (WP) & Focus:

WP Focus Leader
WP1 Data Integration Un. Bremen
WP2 Carbon Pump NOC;CNRS-UBO
WP3 Key Species IMR;Un. Nordland
WP4 Trophic Flow HAFRO;Un.Swansea
WP5 Living Resources IFREMER; DTU
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling PML;CNRS-UBO
WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling PML;UEA;IRD
WP8 Ocean Management DTU;Un. Hamburg

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