Fostering International Collaboration: Developing consensus on the structure, review and management of collaborative research programs in Ocean Sciences

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Venue & Date: European Commission, Brussels, 29-30th Sept, 2011

Summary of Meeting:

The necessity to move from a local and regional to a global understanding of the role of stressors on the earth system necessitates a coordinated collaboration between researchers from different nations and funding agencies.

At present a consensus strategy on the extent of individual projects (individual investigators; small research groups; large collaborative projects) evaluation criteria, and program management necessary to bring these collaborations to fruition does not exist.

With this as the background, this meeting was held to assess the potential to develop an agreed upon strategy to facilitate and manage international collaborative programs involving the US and Canada as well as the European Community and its nation states.

To this end, a straw man for operationalization of such projects was distributed prior to the meeting and used as a basis for discussion. A revised version based on these discussions is included in this report and could serve as the basis for implementation of future international programmes. The discussions that transpired clearly highlighted the desire of the assembled funding agencies to develop an implementation strategy for international cooperation, as well as the willingness to make it happen somehow.

Finally, it was clear that any acceptable strategy need be sensitive to the existing constraints of the national funding agencies allowing them to participate in international science as well as maintain their identities.


Deliverable 9.X Fostering US, Canada, EU collaboration in Ocean Sciences

Agenda & Presentations:

Prof. Dr. Michael St. John; Coordinator of EURO-BASIN, Danish Technical University Division for Aquatic Resources, Denmark ; and

Prof. Eileen Hofmann; Head of the IGBP program IMBER. Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography Old Dominion University Norfolk, VA)

0900 Welcome - Arnas Milukas,
Head of Unit Management of Natural Resources, European Commission, DG Research and Innovation

0915 Introduction to the meeting and its goals, including presentation of potential issues requiring international coordinated action
Michael St. John & Eileen Hofmann

1015 - 1200 International Cooperation at the EU level
EC:EU Research Cooperation with US and Canada
Errol Levy, DG RTD/D.1 International cooperation policy

EC: Strategic Forum for International S&T Cooperation (SFIC) 'USA pilot initiative'
Ludger Viehoff, DG RTD/D.2 Relations with Third countries

EC: Horizon 2020 - the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Alan Edwards DG RTD/I.3 – Management of Natural Resources

EC: Communication on an Integrated Maritime Policy Strategy for the Atlantic Ocean Area
Luis Cuervo, DG MARE/C.1 Maritime Policy Unit – Atlantic

EC: Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Anna Cheilari, DG ENV/D.2 Marine Unit

1300 - 1400 International cooperation mechanisms in Europe, US and Canada

US: Brief summaries from national organizations US NSF (oral presentation, refer to report)
David Conover, NSF

Geoffrey O’ Sullivan

Lessons from BILAT-USA (and Link2US)
Elli Stepanovic

1400 - 1500 Presentation of a strawman proposal for discusion
Mike St. John & Eileen Hofmann

Open Discussion


Chair: Mike St. John Denmark
Chair: Eileen Hofmann USA
Norway: Nina Hedlund, Norwegian Research Council
Spain: Teodoro Ramírez
USA: David Conover, Director of Ocean Sciences, US NSF
USA: Stéphane Vrignaud, NOAA
Ireland: Geoffery O’Sullivan, Irish Marine Institute
Canada; Katherine Cinq-Mars, Foreign Affaires and International Trade, Canada
Denmark: Michael St. John, DTU Aqua
Denmark: Ivo Grigorov, DTU Aqua
UK: Cathal Linnane, DEFRA (not attending but will contribute to future actions)
Austria: Elli Stepanovic, BILAT-USA Project
RTD/I3 Arnoldas Milukas
RTD/I3 Ana Teresa Caetano
RTD/I3 Ariana Nastaseanu
RTD/I3 George Predoiu
RTD/I3 Alan Edwards
RTD/I1 Iveta Aizbalte
RTD/D2 Ludger Viehoff
RTD/D1 Errol Levy
MARE/C1 Luis Cuervo
ENV/D2 Anna Cheilari

A favourable political climate for BASIN and EURO-BASIN continued research as EU, US and Canada sign Atlantic Ocean research alliance more...

Project Partners:

Research WorkPackages (WP) & Focus:

WP Focus Leader
WP1 Data Integration Un. Bremen
WP2 Carbon Pump NOC;CNRS-UBO
WP3 Key Species IMR;Un. Nordland
WP4 Trophic Flow HAFRO;Un.Swansea
WP5 Living Resources IFREMER; DTU
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling PML;CNRS-UBO
WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling PML;UEA;IRD
WP8 Ocean Management DTU;Un. Hamburg

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