WorkPackage 8: Advancing
Ocean Management

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Leaders: Mike St John, Fritz Koster (DTU-Aqua); Christian Moellmann (Hamburg Un.)
Contributors: PML; IFREMER; University of Strathclyde


The overall objective of this WP is to synthesise and extend findings of earlier WPS to develop understanding and approaches that will improve and advance ocean management by strengthening the ecosystem approach to resource management. To this end, activities in this WP will buttress our understanding of the variability, potential impacts, and feedbacks of global change and anthropogenic forcing on ecosystem structure, production of exploited fish stocks, sequestration of carbon, changes in ecosystem state and key species abundance of the North Atlantic Ocean and associated shelf seas.

• Based on activities in WP1-6 to assess the future development and susceptibility of North Atlantic marine ecosystems and their key species to changes in climate and exploitation patterns.

• Evaluate existing and alternative ecosystem and key species indicators under contrasting environments and exploitation regimes.

• Furthering the activities in WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling, assessing the impact of climate change and resource exploitation on the North Atlantic carbon cycle in economical terms.

• Assess the applicability of existing EC management measures and directives (i.e. Common Fisheries Policy; Marine Strategy Framework Directive) or their principals for application in the wider North Atlantic Ocean management.


WP8 Deliverables:
D8.1) Report specifying regions, taxa representation, data needs & sources for linear food-web analysis: [Month 6 - June 2011] Resp.: Christian Mollmann

D8.2) Report on the Ecosystem changes of different sub-areas of the North Atlantic:
[Month 17 - May 2012; Resp.: Artur Palacz, Claudia Castellani]

D8.3) Report on setup of analysis framework and compilation of initial input data for each region: [Month 17 - May 2012; Resp.: Mike Heath]

D8.4) Report on final tuned food web & key species analyses for each region:
[Month 30 - Jun 2013; Resp.: Mike Heath]

D8.5) Report on the pressures and processes causing structural ecosystem changes and key species dynamics: in the different sub-areas of the North Atlantic [Month 34 - Oct 2013 Resp.: Mike Heath]

D8.6) Report on future states, based on IPCC climate change scenarios from WP6, of the North Atlantic: [Month 40 - Apr 2014; Resp.: Mike St John; C. Moellmann, I. Allen ]

D8.7) Report on the evaluation of management plans for major pelagic fish stock in the open North Atlantic: [Month 40 - Apr 2014; Resp.: C. Moellmann, Fritz Koester , Geir Huse ]

D8.8) Concept for introducing the MSY approach for open North A tlantic pelagic fish stocks:
[Month 42 - June 2014; Resp.: Fritz Koester , Anna Rindorf MyFISH Coordinator ]

D8.9) Evaluate indicators identified within the MSFD (or alternative indicators) to characterise GES: (Good Ecological Status) [Month 46 - Oct 2014; Resp.: Mike Heath]

D8.10) Range of costs caused by changes in the N. Atlantic C-budget, based on predictive modelling of future North Atlantic ecosystem states [Due: Month 46 - Oct 2014; Del: Dec 2014]

D8.11) Report on performance of indicators of GES and biological reference points: used in fisheries management under climate change [Month 46 - Oct 2014; Resp.: Fritz Koester , C. Moellmann]

D8.12) Report on economic, ecological & social costs & benefits of open North Atlantic pelagic fisheries: [Month 46 - Oct 2014; Resp.: Fritz Koester , Mike St John, M. Barange, C. Mullon ]

D8.13) Report on future monitoring & assessment procedures to provide scientific advice: for fisheries management under climate change [Month 46 - Oct 2014; Resp.: Fritz Koester , Mike St John]


Open Access PublicationsEURO-BASIN will publish 100% of its research via Open Access in support of Horizon 2020 policy on Open Science. The orange icon below provides open access to the postprint (after all peer-review corrections) and the DOI leads to the publisher's version (restricted access). Full list of EURO-BASIN Open Access Publications in OpenAIRE

Open Access PublicationsHeath, M.R., Cook, R.M., Cameron, A.I., Morris, D.J., Speirs, D.C., 2014. Cascading ecological effects of eliminating fishery discards. Nature Communications 5, doi:10.1038/ncomms4893

Open Access PublicationsMichael R. Heath, Speirs Douglas C., Steele John H. (2014). Understanding patterns and processes in models of trophic cascades. Ecology Letters, 17(1), 101-114.

Open Access PublicationsMorris et al (submitted). Identifying key parameters affecting North Sea fisheries: Global sensitivity analysis of a marine end-to-end ecosystem model, Ecological Modelling

Open Access PublicationsPalacz, A., M. A. St. John, R. J. W. Brewin, T. Hirata, and W. W. Gregg 2013. Distribution of phytoplankton functional types in high-nitrate low-chlorophyll waters in a new diagnostic ecological indicator model, Biogeosciences Discuss., 10, 8103–8157

Open Access PublicationsMichael R. Heath 2012. Ecosystem limits to food web fluxes and fisheries yields in the North Sea simulated with an end-to-end food web model, Progress in Oceanography, Vol 102, p.42–66




WP8 Advancing Ocean Management
is represented on the Scientific Steering Committee by:

Fritz KoesterFritz Koester


+44 1752 633100


The Workpackage is also co-lead by:

Christian Moellmann
Christian Moellmann
IHF, Un. Hamburg


+49 40 - 42838 6621



William Cheung
Mike St John
IHF, Un. Hamburg

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Research WorkPackages (WP) & Focus:

WP Focus Leader
WP1 Data Integration Un. Bremen
WP2 Carbon Pump NOC;CNRS-UBO
WP3 Key Species IMR;Un. Nordland
WP4 Trophic Flow HAFRO;Un.Swansea
WP5 Living Resources IFREMER; DTU
WP6 Basin-scale Modelling PML;CNRS-UBO
WP7 Bioeconomic Modelling PML;UEA;IRD
WP8 Ocean Management DTU;Un. Hamburg

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